Leonardo DiCaprio has been slammed for vaping during the SAG Awards.

The Revenant actor won the SAG for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor and celebrated the win by pulling out his e-cigarette.

Fans have criticised the actor on Twitter saying his vaping habit is ruining DiCaprio's image.

"I knew there was something I didn't like about Leo DiCaprio, now I know. He vapes. I hope he never wins another award," Kim Johnston tweeted.


"If Leo ends up losing the Best Actor Oscar because everyone found out he vapes, I'm ok with that," another tweet joined in.

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"Just found out Leo DiCaprio vapes. I've never been more pissed and disappointed in my life."

"#SpoilerAlert That photo of Leo vaping makes it easier to watch him die at the end of Titanic," another tweet read.

But the comments weren't all bad, with some fans remaining utterly devoted to the actor.

"If Leonardo DiCaprio vapes then I'm going to buy a vape pen tomorrow and start vaping too," Karan Kaif said.

"If Leo Dicaprio vapes, then we all need to vape," a fan tweeted.

"Leonardo DiCaprio vapes? What?!" Luis Pena wrote.

"Guess I'm going to start vaping now."