Kim Vinnell says having a random Laneway punter interrupt her live TV cross with an f-bomb was "the worst live cross" of her 10-year career.

Vinnell was reporting live from the Auckland music festival for TV3's current affairs show Story, fronted by Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis-Allan, when she was interrupted by a Laneway fan who twice shouted an offensive phrase.

The expletive-laden phrase, abbreviated to 'FHRITP', took off on social media last year, with compilation videos hitting YouTube of live crosses being interrupted by it.

Vinnell, a freelance journalist, was trying to interview Laneway performer Lontalius about man buns when a Laneway punter jumped in front of the camera and yelled the offensive phrase.


The shocked reporter moved away and kept going with her cross, only for him to follow the camera and yell it again.

Garner said: "It's live television, anything can happen," before cutting the segment short and moving on to something else.

Vinnell quickly took to social media to discuss the incident, calling it "terrifying" and "unsettling".

The face of a girl who just got live tv f-bombed live on TV. Unsettled. #reporter #tv #fbomb

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Despite her frustration, Twitter users commended her handling of the incident.

One said she "handled it like a professional" while another said she had "nothing to worry about".

Garner simply called her "brilliant".

• Watch the full video here

(offensive language warning).