As Art Green and Matilda Rice celebrate a year of knowing one another, speculation is rife about the identity of the next Bachelor. understands filming has not yet begun on the second season of the local reality series as producers are struggling to finalise their casting line up.

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It's understood The Bachelor himself is locked in, although his identity is tightly underwraps.


Last year, Green revealed how he deliberately threw friends off the scent by posting photos of himself overseas and checking into locations on Facebook that were nowhere near where he really was.

So just who is this year's mystery man?

Spy has three front-runners for the role, including a former tennis pro, an internet star and the heir to a local music dynasty.

Martin Colenbrander

Who is he?:

A 27-year-old tennis coach at Parnell's Gladstone Tennis Club, Colenbrander grew up in The Netherlands before coming to New Zealand as a youth. He spent his summer filling in as Caroline Wozniacki's hitting partner at the ASB Classic and is a favourite opponent on the women's tour, with Venus Williams declaring: "Martin was fun, he made me look good."

Signed to Sara Tetro's 62 Models, Colenbrander pretends to shy away from the limelight but we know he secretly loves it.

ASB Classic Men's Players Party 2016 @tsongaofficiel

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Why he would say yes:

After the end of his long-term relationship with businesswoman Storm Bellamy, Colenbrander is looking to cut loose. Bellamy has since moved on, recently

with rugby player Scott Spedding. Becoming

The Bachelor

would certainly show Colenbrander has too.

Saturday morning workout with @cocobellamy

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Why he would say no:

Colenbrander's sister Louise is the long-time partner of

One News

' Simon Dallow. If there's one thing Dallow can't abide, it's reality television. The disapproving looks across the dinner table would ruin Christmas forever.

Logan Dodds

Who is he?:

This 24-year-old plumber found fame on the internet last year when a video of his global travels went viral. A regular in Spy's social pages, Dodds left Auckland two years ago to play rugby in the UK. Now back in NZ, Dodds has been hanging out with the likes of Warriors star Shaun Johnson and recently filmed a video for Six60, featuring Silver Fern Kayla Cullen and Johnson in the Bay of Plenty.

Why he would say yes: He's had a taste of stardom with his YouTube videos and clearly loves the spotlight. But deep down, Dodds is just a down-to-earth guy who Spy knows is looking for love.

It's understood he was shoulder tapped for the show and has worked on past projects with the show's producers. The travelling Kiwi tradesman has the same sweet characteristics as predecessor Art Green and will be a hit with both contestants and viewers.

Why he would say no:

Dodds was reportedly inundated with job offers and filming opportunities following his viral video hit.

, surely the chance to host an international travel series would be more appealing than

The Bachelor NZ


Logan Marbeck

S U N S A L T & S U R F

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Who is he?:

Heir to the Marbecks music dynasty, Logan is the fourth generation of Marbecks to work at the iconic music label. The 26-year-old runs the company's website and is a regular on the social scene.

Why would he say yes?:

Marbeck has been spotted in the gym lately, shredding with intent. Nothing spells motivation like being compared to last year's adonis Art Green. Like Green, he may also have a professional motive to join the show and score valuable publicity for the family company, which has been hit hard by changes to the music industry over the past decade.

The Bachelor

would expose the Marbecks brand to a new generation of viewers - and buyers.

I have a feeling this summer is gonna be a goodie 🌹 - throw back to last year with @faraad_da_sal

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Why he would say no:

Marbeck loves to party - as his Instagram account can attest - and we're not sure he's ready to settle down. The NZ version of the show may not require a proposal at the end of it but producers are insistent their Bachelor be serious in his quest for love.