Run the Jewels' creepy video for Meowpurrdy inspired us to dig out the worst cat clips on the net.

Rap duo Run the Jewels released a cat-themed clip so strange it'll give you nightmares.

Far from cute and adorable - the warped video for their track Meowpurrdy - features a psychedelic blur of demonic feline creatures.

To honour its release this week, we dredged up some of the weirdest cat videos on offer.

1. Cat-astrophe

Run the Jewels crowdfunded a remake of their album Run the Jewels 2 to include a myriad of cat sounds. The video for remixed track Meowpurrdy delivers an array of deformed, angry moggies. Think felines with four ears, glaring yellow eyes, cats spewing up furballs, serpentine felines topped off with a cat-astrophic explosion.


2. Paws for thought

Dance Cats For Hire

by Hecuba wins the award for best cat choreography on a video. And by best we mean worst.

Two black and white felines dance for a woman who is lounging bare-legged on a couch. Erratic movements and sensual undertones make for strange viewing.

3. Catboy Slim

Someone had far too much time on their hands filming a clip for Fatboy Slim song The Joker. The entire set is designed for kittens - from a tiny bed to miniature alarm clock. There are little costumes too - a cowboy, construction worker, mailman and drug dealer. You have to appreciate the effort if nothing else.

4. Club cat

A tabby that talks, plays video games and does shots? This is literally the perfect companion.
From the couch to the club and back home for a full-blown feline party, Ed Sheeran's video for Drunk plays out like a crazy cat lady's dream.

5. Ground control to mangy tom

A tiny UFO beaming furballs to earth is unusual to start with, things get weirder when they hatch into wide-eyed kittens. Moby's Dream About Me creates an animated world invaded by alien space cats. It is just so odd, you can't look away.