What do you get when you cross Adele with a bunch of kids? - pure gold.

As part of a wider series called Kids React to Pop Stars, children from 6 to 12 were taped watching the singer's music videos.

While many of the pint-sized reviewers didn't know her name, most knew the music and had a lot to say about her hits Hello and Rolling in the Deep.

They sat down in front of a laptop computer screen to deliver their reactions, before entering a Q&A round.

"Mum likes this song, but I don't," says 8-year-old Gabe. "I hear it on the radio every single day."


While some commented on her voice: "such a good singer"; "she can, really, really sing", "emotional ending, wow".

Others took a more face value approach: "Is that like a Chewbacca costume?" Max, 7, asks in reaction to a fur coat which Adele dons in her Hello clip.

Another commented on her weight loss, another joked about the song lyrics.

"Why did Adele cross the road? to say 'Hello' from the other side," Jaxon, 12, said.

Some of the messages however, were lost on the youngsters who couldn't comprehend their meaning.

"What does this all represent?" one said. "What is she doing?" another added.

"Are those supposed to be tears in those water cups?."

They were later asked what they thought of Adele's four-year hiatus from music, with one commenting the break was "rude" to her loyal fans.

- nzherald.co.nz