Nadine Chalmers-Ross has been known to fall asleep at parties thanks to her gruelling schedule of 3am starts five days a week.

The TVNZ presenter has taken a spot on the Breakfast couch beside Rawdon Christie and weatherman Sam Wallace while Alison Pugh is on maternity leave.

She loves the job, but it does come at a cost to her social life, Chalmers-Ross told Woman's Day, adding she has found ways around that.

When out and about with producer fiance Dan Higgins, the beautiful brunette has been known to curl up and get some much needed shut-eye.


"I have perfected the art of party sleeping," she said.

"When I can't keep my eyes open any longer, I find a couch in the corner and fall asleep until Dan is ready to go home. My friends have all got used to it and sometimes someone will even throw a blanket over me."

The long-time television personality looks forward to a busy year: her 30th birthday is in March and she is planning her wedding to Higgins, though she's had little time for the latter.

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Fortunately her fiance was able to take control of the little details to make sure their big day is extra special.

The couple checked out venues while on holiday and were keen to make the occasion "a party to remember", according to Woman's Day.

Let's hope Chalmers-Ross doesn't fall asleep at that one.