Pop star Kesha is suffering sleepless nights before a crucial court showdown with her record label and producer Dr Luke.

The Tik Tok singer has been embroiled in a dispute with Dr Luke since 2014, when she sued him over allegations including sexual harassment, sexual assault and emotional abuse.

She subsequently added bosses at her Sony Music record label to her lawsuit, claiming they knew of his behaviour and did nothing about it.

Kesha wants to be released from her contract with Sony, but label executives have refused and banned her from releasing any new material "unless she agrees to work with (Dr Luke's company)," according to the singer's lawyer Mark Geragos.


She is due to appear at the New York State Supreme Courthouse on Tuesday, and has told fans her anxiety is mounting as she prepares for a battle over her contract.

In a series of posts on Instagram, she writes, "I am filled with so much anxiety and hope and nerves and doubt and all my emotions are going crazy. If u (you) pray, I could use one this week (sic). I find out the fate of my career Tuesday...

"I love my fans so much. Thank you for all the support you guys have given me in this legal situation. There comes a point in life when the truth is the only option. I have to trust that the universe will guide me from there... Money isn't the answer. Fame isn't the point. For me, it's about connection and love. And happiness. And no one can take that away. They can enslave and beat you down. Bully you. Hurt you. Kill you even. But no one has control over your happiness. Keep smiling. It's the greatest revenge."

She uploaded a handwritten note onto the site on Monday next to a drawn picture of a cat gritting its teeth in fear.

The message reads, "Tomorrow... So... I'm nervous but we gonna be ok (sic)."

In the caption, she adds, "Nerves are going nuts. Can't sleep. But I know in the end it's all gonna be OK. It's a f**king rollercoaster but that's life. And I will never stop making art. Maybe my life will go down an unexpected path, but the message will always be the same. Love, acceptance, compassion, equal rights, human rights, animal rights. And that really is my passion and purpose. And no one can ever stop me from fighting the good fight..."

Many of Kesha's fans plan to protest on the steps on the courthouse to call for a lift on the music ban. A petition addressed to Sony Music Entertainment chief executive Doug Morris was created in November also calling for the singer to be released from her contract.