Sam Wallace wanted to make a gigantic splash. Instead he flopped spectacularly.

The TVNZ weather presenter used this morning's Breakfast broadcast to attempt to recreate a recent viral video that showed a man jumping off a pier with a rugby ball between his legs, sending the ball high into the sky.

"This is the ball bomb, or manu," said Wallace, introducing the clip. "He jumps in, releases brilliantly, sends it high into the air and that's just a remarkable result."

Stripping down to his togs, Wallace attempted to recreate the bomb, only to flop spectacularly.


"I don't think one centimetre was gained in height," joked Breakfast co-host Rawdon Christie as Wallace tried to make up for his bomb fail by throwing the ball into the air.

"And now all we have is a weather presenter going for a swim."

Wallace's previous TV fails include confusing Great Barrier Island for Waiheke Island, and getting "sicker than I've ever been" while filming the show The DNA Detectives.

Watch the full video here.