Families will compete on TV to make the most money on a do-up.

Three Kiwi families are to battle it out for reality TV DIY supremacy and the chance to get their kids on to the property ladder.

Parents have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their adult kids from under their roofs in Our First Home, which starts on February 14 and will screen three nights a week.

In TV One's answer to hit TV3 show The Block NZ, parents buy houses for their offspring and their partners. They will renovate the properties and sell them for a profit.

Profits will be used as a deposit towards the kids' first homes and the winners - who make the biggest profit above what they paid for the renovated property - pocket an additional $100,000 in prize money.


The families include Patrick Roughan and his wife Lynette, farmers from Gore, who have been married for 34 years.

They felt it was time to give their architectural graduate daughter Stephanie and her boyfriend Samuel Gifford a leg-up into the increasingly difficult housing market.

"I feel sad the New Zealand dream is only going to be a dream for some," Lynette said. "

Henry Wotton, a tiler from Hamilton, will team up with his daughter Rebecca and her partner Josh Tingey, whose mum Theresa, from Tauranga, completes the TV foursome.

"I feel terribly for young people these days, it is so hard to get started and ahead," Theresa, a nurse, said.

The Pearce family, from Tauranga, are self-employed builder dad Grant, mum Janette, daughter Atareta Wirihana and her partner Tawera Sydney.

"Our friends and family think we are all mad, and brave," Grant said. Our First Home is into its second year and will take on a different format.

The bank of Mum and Dad still gets the kids into the house but the younger generation will make the key decisions.

The families are once again targeting property hotspot West Auckland.

Last season, the winning Schreuder family walked away with $290,400. Jono and Karen Frankle bought a property in Bucklands Beach with the profits.

Our First Home will again be hosted by Goran Paladin.