The Kim Dotcom music video to his track Good Life contains insights into his life before the FBI seized his riches - and how it has changed.

David Fisher, who has covered Dotcom's time in New Zealand since before the 2012 raid, has gone through the video to give readers a behind-the-scenes insight into Dotcom's "Good Life".

Hover over the pop ups as they appear to get more explanation on each part of the video.

Was Kim Dotcom's 'Good Life' worth $24 million?

The video was released on the fourth anniversary of the FBI raid which saw Dotcom's Megaupload website pulled down and his fortune seized in a series of co-ordinated court and law enforcement actions across the world.

"Just like every year on this special anniversary I have created something for you. I hope you will like it," he tweeted on Wednesday.


The music video is set to the Good Life track from Dotcom's 2014 album, Good Times. Dotcom released it on YouTube with the autobiographical description: "A fat kid and school dropout from a poor family made his dreams come true. You can do it too."