Police are investigating claims made by would-be concertgoers that they have been left out of pocket, some by thousands of dollars, in a ticket-selling scam.

In complaints filed with police, Toni-Marie Matich has been accused by dozens of people of not delivering the tickets they paid for to attend concerts such as Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and Ed Sheeran.

Ms Matich is the ex-chief executive of the medical cannabis lobby group United in Compassion. She made headlines last year for giving her eldest daughter, who suffers from a progressive form of epilepsy, cannabis oil as a form of medication.

Ms Matich stepped down late last year and the group announced it was heading in a new direction.


"The organisation is making a fresh start after its former CEO, Toni-Marie Matich, was accused of fraud and subsequently hospitalised under mysterious circumstances two weeks ago," it said in December.

A Facebook group dedicated to discussion about people's dealings with Ms Matich has nearly 200 members, some of who say they paid Ms Matich more than $1000 for concert tickets which never arrived.

Group member Kerry Pollock said she deposited $1135 into Ms Match's bank account for concert tickets she never received.

"I brought all my tickets off Toni, all went directly into her bank account, $1135 worth, money deposited in April this year for ACDC, then also tickets to Taupo, which I deposited two weeks before Fleetwood Mac concert, which by then she would have well known there were no tickets for anybody but still took my money," she wrote.

Wellington police communications manager Mel Weddell posted to the Facebook group advising them to direct their complaints to their local police station.

"Any member of this group who believes they may have been a victim of a ticketing scam should contact their local police station for assistance. This information will then be passed on to the appropriate team," she wrote.

She told the Herald that despite Constable Kate Witchell being named in reports about the investigation, she was not the point of contact for all complaints and emphasised the need for people to talk to their local station.

"If an investigation was to proceed, Wellington would not be the lead, as Ms Matich is not from this district."

Ms Matich is being sought for comment.