As all bikies will tell you, it's much more fun on two wheels. But that hasn't been the case in gaming. Past motorbike games have often struggled with how to capture different speed mechanics - and one bump into a rival and you're off the track. Thankfully, Driveclub Bikes has fixed those wrongs.

After the release of Driveclub last year, the second vehicle recently left the garage in the Driveclub Bikes expansion. It was a smart move with the Driveclub world as a massive starting point and it offers more than just a few bikes to ride. All the 78 tracks from Driveclub are there to race but instead of Ferrari and Bugatti it's Kawasaki and Ducati that will fill your time. Not only is it appealing to motorbike fans but the bike version offers enough for original Driveclub players to have another go.

The result is one of the better expansion packs around. And for around $23.95 it's decent value. The Tour campaign mode offers 42 events and plenty of trophies while the skills mode is a nice addition as you attempt to pull off a wheelie or a stoppie. Trying to improve your longest wheelie can become very addictive.

As it was for Driveclub in the early days of release, online gameplay is an issue. The multiplayer allows you to race up to 11 other riders online, however I had no luck finding even one. On a number of attempts to race other bikes there just weren't enough fellow participants so I was bounced to a car race, which wasn't ideal.


Despite that, if you're after a motorbike game, this is the best on offer.


Driveclub Bikes




For Driveclub makers, less wheels is more