It has been one week since Jason Gunn fractured his back in an unfortunate wheelie bin accident, but it's "onwards and upwards" from here.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, the more FM host and TV personality warned others not to jump in their wheelie bin on rubbish day.

Last Tuesday the entertainer did just that outside his home, but things turned sour when he toppled backwards, fracturing his spine in two places.

Gunn was hospitalised in Invercargill before being transferred to Queenstown.


"I've had enough of wheelie bins for a while..." he said of the experience.

"Just be careful, just be careful when you are putting the old bins out, if you are feeling the need to [get in] don't, or else you might end up in this poor man's Iron Man suit."

Standing beside a green bin wearing his back brace Gunn went on to apologise to the nation for media coverage surrounding his accident.

"You had to put up with far too much news of this, me and the bin and for that I am truly sorry, thank you so much, you have been so patient."

He also wanted to acknowledge everyone who reached out to him throughout the ordeal, to offer well wishes, describing them as "very humbling".

Doctors estimate it will take between six and 12 months for Gunn's injury to heal fully.

Remaining ever positive the star looked ahead to the rest of 2016 with a new mantra: "onwards and upwards... it can only get better from here."