House of Cards

' nefarious protagonist Frank Underwood says he's the leader America deserves.

In the first teaser trailer for the Netflix drama's fourth season, President Underwood, played by actor Kevin Spacey, delivers an ominous campaign speech as flashbacks from his evil past flash on screen.

"They say we get the leaders we deserve. Well here's what I think America deserves," Underwood tells his audience from the Oval Office.


"A leader who is not afraid to look you in the eye and tell you what he believes. I believe in putting America back on track, I believe in opening doors.

"And I'm willing to work with both sides so that we all get what we want. I'm a humble man, I've never forgotten where I've come from, I've taken my licks but I've never taken your support for granted," Underwood promises.

A new campaign website, aptly titled FU2016, has been created to coincide with the release of the teaser, highlighting Underwood's platforms of "Inequality, Dishonesty and Entitlement".

The video concludes: "They say we get the leaders we deserve. I think America deserves Frank Underwood.

"And in your heart, you know I'm right."

House of Cards' fourth season premieres on Netflix on March 4.