If you had deja vu watching The Force Awakens it was completely intentional, says Star Wars director JJ Abrams.

The latest entry in the series has been scrutinised by fans for reusing elements from the original 1977 Star Wars film.

"We inherited Star Wars. The story of history repeating itself was, I believe, an obvious and intentional thing," Abrams told The Hollywood Reporter.

"The structure of meeting a character who comes from a nowhere desert and discovers that she has a power within her, where the bad guys have a weapon that is destructive but that ends up being destroyed...


"Those simple tenets are by far the least important aspects of this movie, and they provide bones that were well-proven long before they were used in Star Wars."

The Force Awaken's lead Rey has been likened to the original film's lead Luke Skywalker as both characters discover they can use the force, join the rebels and attack a planet-destroying space station.