Complete the sentence: 2015 was the year of the ...

Was it the Mole-rat? Or the Dugong? Can't recall the actual Chinese animal. I'm pretty sure next year is the year of the office-party fire truck.

Best film of 2015?
The Kingsman.

Best performance of 2015?


Act leader/sole trader David Seymour for "French love the coq".

Most addictive TV show?

Yeti on WatchMe, The Katering Show, The Fall.

How have you consumed most of your TV viewing this year?

On demand.

How many hours of Netflix did you watch this year?


The showbiz story that stopped you in your tracks?

John Key waitress ponytail pulling.

The song you can't stop singing?

Historically, Woman in Love - Barb Streisand. This year, A$AP Rocky - Everyday featuring Rod Stewart.

The most interesting/entertaining person you've followed on social media this year?

Toni Street and her amazing parody of a middle-aged woman using social media. Absolute genius.

What television show/movie franchise/music act did you give up - or nearly give up - on this year?

I gave up watching Midsomer Murders, Woolly Valley and Sexy Time with Glenda.

What's the live music event of the summer you are most looking forward to?


Jeremy Wells features in Like Mike on