Sutherland stars as Detective Kristin Sims in The Brokenwood Mysteries and is based in Sydney.

Complete the sentence: 2015 was the year of ...

Feminism, the stupid flag and seemingly everyone booking holidays to Hawaii.

Best film of 2015:


Well Mad Max was clearly the coolest. I saw great films this year: The End of the Tour, The Wolfpack, Foxcatcher, Tangerine ... ugh too many. Spoilt.

Best performance of 2015:

Patricia Arquette's Oscars acceptance speech, including Meryl losing her shit over it, was pretty powerful. Also, seeing Holly Holm spectacularly dethrone Ronda Rousey live in Melbourne was something quite spesh.

Most addictive TV show:

Peaky Blinders, because HELLO ARE YOU KIDDING?! and Luther. I love that angry man and his husk. And Transgender is exquisitely written and the best acting I've ever seen.

How have you consumed most of your TV viewing this year?

A lot of hacked-into US Netflix with a dash of NZ Netflix and actually, DVDs. Old school. But I really like DVDs. You don't have to worry about internet cutting out.

How many hours of Netflix did you watch this year?

Many. Like everyone I guess. You know that at 2am, when your computer is burning the tops of your legs through the duvet, that perhaps it's time to shut your laptop.

The showbiz story that stopped you in your tracks ...

Not really "showbiz" but author/neurologist Oliver Sacks died this year who inspired Awakenings - that old film with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. Sacks was a genius academic but never forgot that his patients were human. He had the gift of being able to see and express the interconnectedness of all things - especially between art and science, which is especially interesting and utterly beautiful.

The song you can't stop singing:

Rack City by Tyga. I'm really sorry.

The most interesting/entertaining person you've followed on social media this year:

Rich Roll and Joe Rogan.

Which TV show/movie franchise/music act did you give up - or nearly give up - on this year?

Almost gave up on True Detective S2 because it wasn't really working for me. I felt like the writing was really pongy and it didn't have the same magnetism as the first season, nor did it jump around chronologically in an enticing way like the first. But it got better. And I realised that if you hadn't seen the first season and didn't have the expectations then it would be perfectly acceptable television, it probably would have garnered critical acclaim. They are meant to be stand-alone seasons anyway.

What's the live music event of the summer you are most looking forward to?

Woolworths Carols in the Domain in Sydney featuring Jay Laga'aia and The Wiggles.