Complete the sentence: 2015 was the year of ...

sweating my ass off in a Yeti suit.

Best film of 2015?

It's not a 2015 release, but I finally saw Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac.

Best performance of 2015?


Anne Edmonds. Best female comedian EVER.

Most addictive TV show:
How have you consumed most of your TV viewing this year?


How many hours of Netflix did you watch this year?

Oh god. That is a terrifying question. I'm gonna guess at about 200.

The showbiz story that stopped you in your tracks

... I haven't been around very long but nothing surprises me anymore. This is worrisome.

The song you can't stop singing?

I'm blue dabadebada, dabadeedabada ...

Damn it.

The most interesting/entertaining person you've followed on social media this year:

Thomas Sainsbury.

What television show/movie franchise/music act did you give up - or nearly give up - on this year?


What's the live music event of the summer you are most looking forward to?

I don't generally go to live music because I have to get fetal in a crowd.