Jennifer Lawrence has hit out at media sources who labelled her pay gap protest a "bratty display".

In her interview for Entertainer of the Year, the Hunger Games star told Entertainment Weekly she had come under fire for her essay on receiving less pay than her male co-stars.

"Some news shows called my essay a 'bratty display' and I was like, thank you for proving my point," she said. "Would you have called a man a brat?"

Lawrence, in her October essay for Lena Dynamo's newsletter Lenny, described her frustrations at being perceived as too aggressive while negotiating pay, something she says her male co-stars didn't worry about.


"I'm over trying to find the 'adorable' way to state my opinion and still be likeable! F**k that," she wrote.

The Oscar winner said she wasn't bothered by getting less cash, she says she is "already overpaid", but rather the sexist stigma attached to assertive women.

"What I was trying to write about was how my own mentality was getting in my own way," she said.

"It is harder for a women to be blunt than a man. It just is."

Lawrence revealed the end of the Hunger Games franchise freed up more time to make her debut on the other side of the camera.

She is midway through writing a comedy with fellow straight talking actress Amy Schumer, while looking to secure a directors role in the future.