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Collins Dictionaries is out with its top 10 words of the year, with first place going to "Binge-watch": "To watch a large number of television programmes (especially all the shows from one series) in succession". Also included, the term shaming: "The act or practice of attempting to embarrass a person or group by drawing attention to their perceived offence, esp on social media", and ghosting, described as "the act or an instance of ending a romantic relationship by not responding to attempts to communicate by the other party" and swipe - "to move a finger across a touchscreen on an electronic device". Full list here...

Is this the best plea for help ever?
Is this the best plea for help ever?

More awkward moments

1. Anne writes: "Many years ago I was telling a colleague that a priest would be returning to collect some paperwork only to look up from the counter to see him standing in front of me. 'Talk of the devil,' I said ... oops!"

2. Colleen Coyle, of Tairua, recalls the time she walked into a craft shop and asked the man behind the counter if he had polystyrene balls.

3. My co-worker asked what I was eating for lunch. I said placenta, but meant polenta.


4. Passed gas in the copier room at work. Co-worker walked in. I blamed the radiator. Co-worker called maintenance.

5. I was leading a conference call with more than 100 people. I referred to them as "super losers" rather than "super users".

6. Back in the 80s when water beds became popular, the one my parents had bought developed a leak in the sac that holds the water (called a bladder). My mother calls up the furniture store, and with no other introduction or context, tells them "Hi, this is Mrs Graham, and I have a leaky bladder." I'm not sure she could hear his reply, because my dad and all of us kids were laughing so hard in the background.
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Now that's ironic...
Now that's ironic...

"The ultimate irony?" writes Roy Lilley, of Orewa. "Officially licensed All Black gear is actually made in Australia. For sale at The Warehouse.

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Picture this: Colouring in for adults is a definite fad, not one I thought I could get into, until I saw this Australian Politics Colouring In Book...

Directions: place pencil in clenched fist, direct all rage and anguish through the lead, watch your masterpiece come to life.
Directions: place pencil in clenched fist, direct all rage and anguish through the lead, watch your masterpiece come to life.


Car eating machine...Nom, nom, nom...

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