Within an hour of launching her Kickstarter campaign, singer-songwriter Lydia Cole received a $1000 pledge.

It came via a mysterious man from the UK whose name she didn't recognise, but made a point of tracking down on Twitter.

"He's just a real music lover," she says.

That initial act of generosity wasn't a one off: 179 backers have given almost $12,000 to support the cause so far.


Her goal of $10,000 - to be divvied up between recording, producing and marketing - was reached in just five days.

Cole's last offering Me & Moon came out in 2012. Since then she's left her management of six years and was wary of asking fans to foot the bill for an upcoming album.

"I have always battled with the idea of crowdfunding. The main thing is I never wanted to put something out there without being sure that they were getting something back - money is so important to people and there are so many causes knocking at the door," she says.

"The experience has reminded me that people are really good."

Her inspiration never ceased but a day job as a barista meant she had little time to focus on making music. Since quitting, her songs had time to flow freely and she's teaming up with producer Nic Manders to record eight tracks in his home studio next month.

The Kickstarter campaign will continue until October 26, with extra funds raised during that time going toward the production of vinyl, CDs, touring and band members.

It's a project that wouldn't be possible without her fans and a new found focus.

"In the past I was a lot less free in my writing. Before I went into a studio I used to like to have my songs totally finished, it was very structured.


"Now I have loosened up. I like the idea of taking mainly full songs and seeing how they can be extended."

A video for Cole's single Dream will be released on October 20.

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