British journalist Piers Morgan has lashed out at actor Robert De Niro, saying he hasn't made a good movie in 20 years and is a "bloody nightmare" to interview.

Morgan wrote an article for The Daily Mail after De Niro reportedly walked out of an interview with another journalist because of "negative inferences".

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"From the inane Meet The Fockers and unwatchable Last Vegas, to the meandering Grudge Match and gloriously awful New Year's Eve, this giant of the industry has stunk theatres out across the globe for the past two decades," wrote Morgan.


"Yet De Niro still behaves like he's king of the hill, top of the heap, a number one."

Morgan went on to berate De Niro for his behaviour towards journalists.

"He's renowned as the rudest, most difficult and frankly obnoxious star to interview, possibly in the history of Planet Earth. A man so consumed with his own sense of self-importance that even offering a modicum of consideration towards those charged with trying to help him promote his own movies is beyond him," wrote Morgan.

Featuring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.

Morgan said his interview with De Niro for CNN "was a bloody nightmare" and he'd "have had an easier job extracting teeth from a Pitbull" than getting any quotes from the actor.

"He should stop behaving like a pathetic prima donna and show some damn courtesy to those inflicted with the unenviable hell of having to talk to him."

Morgan then called for a De Niro interview ban.

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"Every journalist in the world should agree, with immediate effect, never to interview him again."Let's see how that goes.