Imagine Dragons love New Zealand so much, they shot their latest music video here. Rachel Bache checks out the Las Vegas group's Auckland show.

Dan Reynolds arrived, threw off this black and red leather jacket and tore up the stage from the moment he started. It was as if Imagine Dragons had already been playing for an hour at Auckland's Vector Arena.

From their first song Shots, off their latest album Smoke + Mirrors, the Las Vegas band oozed energy and it was clear that fans - who filled up the better half of the venue - were going to be in for a fun night.

Lights flashed across the screaming crowd, with the band showing off stage production that was as impressive as the music. Purples, oranges and greens flooded the room along with images and patterns fading together on long vertical screens.

The bright white strobes did get a bit much, but Reynolds' powerful, slight husky voice weaved beautifully with harmonies from his band mates, especially on their first big hit It's Time.


After performing Roots, Reynolds revealed they'd shot the music video for the single in Auckland because New Zealand felt like a home away from home.

Imagine Dragons played a great mix of old and new material, getting hearts racing to their catchy pop rock, swaying to slower moments like their cover of Forever Young and head banging to the deliciously heavy I'm So Sorry. It was a chance for the band to show off their rockier side, with a roaring guitar solo kicking off the track.

Throughout the night the band returned to separate drum pieces, building up beats along with drummer Daniel Platzman at the start of I'm On Top Of The World. The uplifting song got the crowd up out of their seats, dancing and singing along as Reynolds jumped around the stage.

Bleeding Out, an emotional ballad from the band's first album Night Visions, was another crowd favourite. The beginning of the song felt a little muddled as Reynolds chopped quickly to begin the chorus of Bleeding Out. The transition wasn't the smoothest, but was soon forgotten as fans yelled out the lyrics.

The stomping I Bet My Life was another song that got everyone and their mums dancing and waving their arms, as did hair-raising anthem Radioactive, the group's biggest hit that mixed rock and dubstep for a thrilling finale.

It climaxed with a whirling guitar solo by Daniel Wayne Sermon, which made the song, and the night, feel even more epic.

Who: Imagine Dragons
When: Tuesday, September 8
Where: Vector Arena, Auckland

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