Grand Designs

fans have been given their first look at the new host for New Zealand's version of the hugely popular UK building and renovating show.

The first trailer for Grand Designs NZ has just been released by TV3, showing architect Chris Moller taking the position filled by original host Kevin McCloud.

The show's success largely depends on the popularity of Moller, and whether he can replicate McCloud's placid demeanour and soothing "BBC British" intonation that's won him fans around the world.


Moller will need to provide a voice of reason to counter the wild ideas and financial stresses of those featured on the show, as well as a small amount of good-natured wit, to bring what McCloud does to the programme.

The trailer emphasises its Kiwi twist, with the tagline, "We do things a little differently down here" following a montage of laid-back home owners cruising through the stresses of a build.

"You do have resource consent for this build?" Moller asks a farmer-type bloke in one of the skits, about building a house metres from the edge of a cliff.

"She'll be right," he replies.