Miley Cyrus has gone undercover for the first time since her days as Hannah Montana.

In a segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Wrecking Ball singer disguises herself as an Australian television reporter and asks members of the public - and a few haters - what they really thought about Miley Cyrus.

When Perth-based "Janet" asks a guy in a singlet and cowboy hat for his thoughts on Cyrus, he bluntly replies: "Nah, she's not one of my favourites".

He goes on to list that some of the things he doesn't like about her - including her style and her entire family.


"The whole fabric of America is falling apart and she's not doing anything to keep it together."

An older women she meets on the street says while she was "crazy" about Cyrus' dad, "I think she lost her mind in the Hollywood madness".

"Janet" goes on to twerk with two young women meets a guy who prefers Taylor Swift and doesn't know Cyrus' music.

While most were fooled by her disguise, one man sees through it and states, "I think you're Miley Cyrus right now". Cyrus' response is hilarious.

It was filmed as part of Kimmel's 'I Witness News' segment, which has often earned laughs by sending fake news reporters to music festivals to ask fans their opinions on made up bands.

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