US late night comedian John Oliver has once again turned his attention to New Zealand, this time sharing his take on the flag debate.

After referring to us as "Australia's Australia", Oliver launched into a three-minute segment discussing the final 40 flag designs and the reasons for the change.

"The New Zealand flag is different to the Australian flag in the same way Ice Ice Baby is different from Under Pressure, which is to say they are basically the same but one is clearly worse," he said.

Oliver lamented how boring the 40 designs were, and instead shared a selection of his personal favourites.


Though he thinks the kiwi looks like a "dumb fat mouse who got its face stuck on a straw", Oliver, like many New Zealanders, considers the 'Lazer Kiwi' to be a superior flag design.

"If you ever saw that flag, it would be impossible not to immediately pledge allegiance to it."

However, his favourite flag was 'Eggsplosion' by Canterbury's Jeong Hyuk Fidan, a design portraying a shocked-looking egg in the middle of an explosion.

"Please New Zealand, I'm begging you, when it comes time to vote for your new flag, write 'Eggsplosion' down because that is the greatest thing I've ever seen," The host enthusiastically pleads.

This is not the first time the HBO host has mocked New Zealand. John Oliver previously made fun of the reasons behind the flag debate, as well as sharing his views on Ponytail-gate and Eminem suing the National Party.

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