Rachel Hunter has admitted she hasn't read her ex-husband Rod Stewart's autobiography because it would hurt too much to do so.

Hunter was asked during an interview with Woman's Day about Rod: The Autobiography, in which Stewart claims she broke his heart.

"To tell you the truth, I didn't even read Rod's book. I couldn't. It would upset me too much," Hunter tells WD.

Hunter describes her relationship with the rocker as "amicable" and says she is still close to his family.


"All of the kids are very much brothers and sisters. There's no half-this or half-that - they're full siblings, and I'm close to all of Rod's kids."

She and Stewart divorced in 2006 but Hunter says she didn't take any of his money after she left.

Rod Stewart remarried in 2007
Rod Stewart remarried in 2007

The two were married in 1990 and had two children, Liam and Renee, together before separating in 1999.

Stewart has since married for a third time to model Penny Lancaster, with whom he has his seventh and eighth children with.

At the time, Stewart was 24 years older than Hunter. However, the supermodel says she now wouldn't date anyone more than a decade older than her.

"Anything 10 years either side is fine, although even that is stretching it a bit."

Hunter will soon headline a new health and well-being show for TV One Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty.

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