TV3 is touting its new show Story as a "formidable" addition to its news and current affairs line-up - but Herald readers have a different view.

Fronted by dual hosts Heather Du Plessis-Allan and Duncan Garner, the network says its 7pm show Story will provide "the best stories, the most interesting stories and the stories New Zealanders are talking about".

But a new poll shows an overwhelming majority of Herald readers want Story scrapped and Campbell Live back on air.

The unscientific poll ran on yesterday and had 2750 people respond to the question: "What do you think of TV3's plans for its new 7pm show Story?"


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The poll included four options: "I'll give it a few watches, but I'm a Seven Sharp convert," got 14 per cent of the vote, "Everything about it sounds great - I'm in" nabbed 12 per cent and "I want Come Dine With me to screen at 7pm forever" had just 7 per cent.

But with 67 per cent, the overwhelming majority of respondants voted for: "Bring back John Campbell and Campbell Live."

Campbell quit his job fronting Campbell Live four weeks ago when a Mediaworks review ordered changes to its 7pm schedule.

He was offered one of Story's co-hosting spots but declined and resigned.

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Campbell has taken up a one-off opportunity to help Sky host the All Blacks match against Samoa in two weeks.

He has since said he was left exhausted by the demise of Campbell Live.

"It was tough. We worked really hard to save the program, but, you know, how am I feeling? I was exhausted afterwards. I've just had a quiet two or three weeks, really, really quiet actually. Just kind of taking stock," he told radio station The Hits.

"It meant a lot to me that place and if you walk away from that without feeling some sense of loss, then you're probably a bit too shallow to be involved in the business really.

"I've kind of been coming to grips with it. Some of my beautiful colleagues are still there, some wonderful people are still there that I love to bits, but I've got dreams for stuff I want to do now, really good and important stuff, so I'm going to work on that. Life goes on but it's been a tough few weeks."

Story is scheduled to hit TV3's airwaves in around six weeks.