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In case you missed all our coverage in last week's issue, here's five things you need to know about Westside

• It stars David de Lautour (who you might've seen in The Kick) as Ted West, and Antonia Prebble as Rita West, both in their 30s, heading up a smart, devious crime family, cruising and bruising through West Auckland in the 1970s.

• The series is made up of six one-hour episodes, each of which covers one year, from 1974 to 1979, and covers events like the Muldoon election, dawn raids, carless days, and the birth of the punk scene in Auckland. The first episode includes the Christchurch Commonwealth Games, and of course both Ted, and his budding criminal son Wolf, find a way to exploit it.

• Ted West has been in Mt Eden prison for three years after a bungled heist, and the case has never really been solved so the local constable is keeping a close eye on him. But Ted is determined to resume his position as head of the gang (which includes Lefty, Bilkey, Bert, and Phineas), and stay one step ahead of the law.

• We also get to meet the younger versions of Ngaire Munroe (played by Elizabeth Hawthorne in Outrageous Fortune, and Esther Stephens in Westside) and Falani (played by David Fane in Outrageous, and Patrick Tafa in Westside).


• A young version of Cheryl (she would've been around 8 years old) does not appear in Westside. Not yet anyway.

Where: TV3
When: Sunday, 8.30pm
What: Outrageous Fortune prequel

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