How the characters from Outrageous Fortune link to the Westside story:

Ted West

Played by Frank Whitten in Outrageous Fortune, Ted West was a grumpy, cheeky, opportunist who still had plenty of criminal skills. In Westside he's played by David De Lautour as a sharp man in his prime, who has a passionate relationship with his wife Rita, and plenty of ambition.

Rita West

Rita was only seen in flashback in Outrageous Fortune - she first appeared in episode 4 of season 4, which was a flashback to Ted and Rita's heyday in the 60s, played by Antonia Prebble. Prebble also plays her in Westside, where we come to find she's a clever, winning, outgoing, fiery woman who's a devoted mother, and a wily wife.

Wolf West

Played by Grant Bowler in Outrageous Fortune, Wolf was a complicated, cocky, unreliable husband and father. In Westside, where he is played by Reon Bell as 11 to 12-year-old Wolf, and Liam Ferguson as 13-plus, we can see the genesis of that bad boy, and his early potential as a criminal schemer.

Ngaire Munroe

Played by Elizabeth Hawthorne in Outrageous Fortune, Ngaire was conniving, snobby, and entitled. In Westside, where she is played by Esther Stephens, she's not far different, though she's terribly jealous of Rita, and determined that she should be queen of their crew instead.



Played by David Fane in Outrageous Fortune, Falani was a well-established member of the West Auckland criminal fraternity, an authority on cars and stealing them. We meet him in Westside as a teenager played by Patrick Tafa, who takes a shine to the Wests, teaches Wolf a few tricks, and idolises Ted. David Fane makes a small cameo appearance in Westside as Falani's father.

The Gang

Lefty Munroe (Dan Musgrove), Bilkey Van Heeder (Todd Emerson), Bert Thompson (Pana Hema-Taylor), Phineas O'Driscoll (Xavier Horan), Carol O'Driscoll (Sophie Hambleton). Photo / Supplied
Lefty Munroe (Dan Musgrove), Bilkey Van Heeder (Todd Emerson), Bert Thompson (Pana Hema-Taylor), Phineas O'Driscoll (Xavier Horan), Carol O'Driscoll (Sophie Hambleton). Photo / Supplied

Lefty Munroe (Dan Musgrove)

Lefty is Ted's right-hand-man, but also his main rival to be leader of the gang. He took over while Ted was in prison, and now Ted's back things are a little strained. He likes to think of himself as a cool, laid-back guy; an opportunist,and a bit of a ladies' man. He's married to Ngaire but though they play the happy couple on the outside, that's not always the case.

Bilkey Van Heeder (Todd Emerson)

Bilkey is the details man, working out all the little tricks of the job, and he's got lots of connections. He's handsome and sociable, a hit with the ladies, and although he has a revolving parade of them on his arm, if you remember his appearance in Outrageous Fortune in season four as Pascalle's Best Bag Ever designer, you'll know why he's never settled down.

Bert Thompson (Pana Hema-Taylor)

Bert is the youngest of the crew, and he gets a bit of a hard time from the others, but he's a good mechanic and getaway driver. He loves cars, and would love a girlfriend to drive around, but he hasn't found the right lady yet.

Phineas O'Driscoll (Xavier Horan)

Phineas is the all-important muscle of the crew, being a labourer and boxer, but combine that strength with a bad temper and Phineas can often get himself in trouble. His relationship with wife Carol can be a bit combustible, but he's very loyal to his mother, and a devout Catholic.

Carol O'Driscoll (Sophie Hambleton)

Carol is the chatty, sometimes scatty wife of Phineas. She idolises Rita, and gets along well enough with Ngaire, even if she's a bit intimidated by her. She's a big-hearted hairdresser who loves her job and wants to make Phineas happy, even though she can't make an asparagus roll to save herself.

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