The first judge for TV3's reboot of cooking competition MasterChef has been confirmed.

Al Brown was today announced as the first of three judges on the reality show.

"This series is going to create a fun, supportive and engaging environment for the contestants, with a real focus on showcasing some of our best and brightest local producers," the celebrity chef associated with Depot and Federal Delicatessen said.

"I hope we can take the MasterChef experience to a whole new level and give it an added edge from the brand new kitchen headquarters."


TV3 is seeking applicants for the show, which sees 24 contestants undergo a series of challenges to decide who the best chef is.

Several seasons of the New Zealand version of the show aired on TV One, and many of the winners went on to become well known celebrity chefs, like Nadia Lim.

"I think MasterChef New Zealand has always given us a great snapshot of the culinary state of the nation and I'm looking forward to seeing what amateur cooks come out of the woodwork for this series" says Brown.

"I'll be working on the the show behind the scenes, as well as being part of the judging panel. I've been thinking hard about some unique and informative new challenges for the contestants, and I'm looking forward to rolling them out."

TV3 is growing a stable of homegrown reality shows, including The Block, The Bachelor, The X Factor and Dancing With the Stars.