Paul Henry's feature film will screen in New Zealand for the first time in May as part of the Documentary Edge International Film Festival.

Henry's film The Desk - a mockumentary filmed in the US after he left TVNZ in 2010 but before he began his failed stint on Australian breakfast television - will screen at Auckland's Q Theatre on May 21 at 10pm.

Paul Henry stars in the film The Desk, which will premiere at the Florida Film Festival.

The film has already aired as part of the Florida Film Festival, and is described as a "buddy comedy, a document of a man's midlife crisis, as well as a cri de coeur about the crumbling ethics of print journalism".

Henry told The Spinoff he was yet to see it and thought it was only going to be a short film.


"I don't want to be complete shit in it. But I can't see how I can't be, unless in there is this inherent ability inside me to act brilliantly," Henry said.

"Then I see the trailer... did you see that still on the site? Me in the robe? That was a scene we shot and during this scene I get drunker and drunker and then a prostitute arrives - that old woman is a prostitute! - and we wreck the room. I never thought it would be in the movie ... "