It's the finale of The Walking Dead tonight - and one cast member says the 90-minute episode could annoy fans.

Things seemed too good to be true in Alexandria. Turns out they probably are.

Rick and his not-so-merry band of survivors have set up camp in a seemingly nice town, complete with an anti-zombie barricade, a working government, running water, electricity and a secret stash of chocolate.

But the last few episodes of The Walking Dead's fifth season have put forward an interesting premise: are Rick's survivors too far gone to make any kind of return to the life they left behind?

With Sasha sneaking out to kill zombies in her spare time, Carol stealing guns and chocolate by intimidating a little kid, and Rick making a heavy-handed return to his role as sheriff, it's been one of the show's most interesting and compelling storylines yet.


It's one that appears to be heading to yet another bloodthirsty showdown between Alexandria's residents and Rick's brooding survivors.

What do we know about tonight's 90-minute finale? Not a lot, but Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham, told Yahoo TV the finale will "piss you off".

"There will be tears, but also, once again, like the writers have been doing pretty consistently, it tees up a new beginning in a very, very different way."

Consider yourself warned.

When: Monday, 9.30pm
Where: TV2
What: Who are the monsters?

- TimeOut