The Bachelor NZ

's Arthur Green is more interested in finding "the one" than one night stands.

In a revealing interview with Woman's Day, Green says it's taken him a long time to get over his ex-girlfriend, who he parted ways with in 2012. The couple were together for five years.

"Like most couples, we'd fantasised about the bigger picture," he told Woman's Day. "How many kids we'd have, what their names would be and where we'd live."


His girlfriend left him to work abroad on superyachts and Green moved to Western Australia, where he managed a gym. The remote location left few chances for The Bachelor NZ star to meet women.

After moving back to New Zealand, Green got straight into his current business - a Paleo food company - and still found little time for romance.

"I never took time out for me or gave myself a chance to find a girlfriend."

Despite having 15 beautiful women after him, Green says he didn't join the show to play the field.

"One night stands are not my gig. I'm a romantic," he tells Woman's Day.

"I'm looking for love. I want to find that person I'm excited to go home and do nothing with."

And he says the "scariest, most surreal thing of all" is standing in front of all the girls at the rose ceremony, wondering if "the one" could be amongst them.

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