Last month, she found herself in the middle of a furor after she stepped out at the 87th Academy Awards in Los Angeles and her slender frame provoked concern she was too thin.

But a defiant Giuliana Rancic has revealed exclusively to Daily Mail Australia the best way to deal with the unwanted attention is to simply ignore it.

'I think the best thing to do, honestly, is not even talk about it. You know? As long as you know the truth, that's all that matters,' the star explained as she walked the ASTRA Awards red carpet at The Star in Sydney on Thursday evening.

Giuliana Rancic says she won't talk about her weight. Photo / Getty
Giuliana Rancic says she won't talk about her weight. Photo / Getty

The E! star was also slammed for looking extremely svelte at the Grammy Awards in February when she showed off a scarily slender profile in a tight black jumpsuit.


Some viewers took to Twitter to express their shock. User @crucialtaunt commented: 'Giuliana's jumpsuit is AMAZE but goddammit she is so disgustingly skinny...' Another, @juninhonj added: 'Giuliana Rancic is so skinny!! She looks sick. What's up with that??'

In January, the mother-of-one showed off bony arms at the Golden Globe Awards. Twitter user @LBartlome noted: '#giulianarancic needs to eat a fully loaded baked potato on the fly.'

In October 2013 Rancic told HuffPost Live that she was tired of being bullied online about her weight. 'I know the truth,' she insisted. 'I know that I eat a lot and I take walks and I have a faster metabolism.'

The E! news host went on to say she was miffed when people trashed a photo she posted on Instagram where she was with Jack Osbourne. 'All these people were commenting, "She's so skinny, eat a sandwich, eat a burger, and it was interesting," she said. 'I don't respond but so many people get really upset and they're like, "Oh really? Eat a sandwich? What a great comment." Or people say, "She's been through cancer." Really? That's what you're going to put out?'

As far as her fast metabolism she said, 'I always thought it would catch up to me and it hasn't quite yet. I'm not trying to be cocky. Anyone who knows me knows I am the least arrogant person. I'm just trying to be honest.'

On Thursday the Giuliana & Bill star still appeared to be cutting a very thin frame.

Shaking off the criticism, Giuliana looked stunning in the floor length gown that featured intricately beaded sleeves, a sheer bodice and a cut-out back that revealed just a hint of her bronzed complexion. She added height to her frame in a pair of Terry Biviano heels.

- Daily Mail