Actress Sigourney Weaver has called on hackers to leave Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence alone.

She said there was "no escape" from social media and it was something that actors needed to deal with.

The 65-year-old, who found fame after starring in hit 1979 film Alien, told the Sunday Times Style magazine: "It is something actors need to figure out how to combat and it doesn't serve anyone to have privacy invaded to such an extent.

"She (Lawrence) is brilliant. Leave her alone."


Lawrence was one of a number of stars who saw intimate photos of themselves posted on forum site 4chan in August last year, after Apple's iCloud service was compromised.

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Weaver also revealed that she took inspiration from Vanessa Redgrave, who had been successful in an industry full of "little, blonde, blue-eyed" stars.

"In a way it was better that I was a bit freaky, because it took an unconventional director to think of me, and that kept me from humdrum movies."

The actress added that keeping up with the long days in Hollywood required incredible stamina.

She also said it was "empowering" to feel her own strength, and that a lot of women were in better shape now because they cared about it more.

Weaver was speaking ahead of the release of her new film, sci-fi action thriller Chappie, co-starring Australian actor Hugh Jackman.

* Chappie is released in New Zealand cinemas on March 12.