X Factor

judge Natalia Kills has blasted a Rotorua hotel for auctioning bed sheets used by her and husband Willy Moon.

The Trade Me auction, which closed yesterday afternoon, stated "sheets, towels, pillow cases", the couple's signed hotel feedback form and a photo with staff from Jack and Di's Hotel were for sale.

Kills vented her disgust at the listing on Twitter, labelling those responsible as "gross".


Hotel co-owner Jessica Zhao became aware of the listing only when the Herald rang. "That's terrible for our business. We will be investigating [today]," Mrs Zhao said.

But the man responsible for posting the listing, identified only as John, called ZM today to formally apologise for the stunt.

During a rather rambling conversation, the man admitted he had posted the photos after the X Factor couple made a last minute trip to the hotel.

"I wasn't really thinking straight," he told ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan. "I realised what a mistake it was. I should have taken it down earlier."

He said he posted the listing to create a bit of publicity but hadn't thought through the negative backlash.

The bed linen, which had a starting price of $500, failed to sell.

- nzherald.co.nz