Top broadcaster Susan Wood was carrying washing up the stairs of her Auckland home when she fell and suffered a brain injury, it has been revealed.

The host of TVNZ's Q+A was found by a family member several hours later, Woman's Day reports. Wood is recovering at a brain injury rehabilitation facility and is said to be making good progress.

It emerged last Tuesday that Wood had fallen on January 10 and was rushed to Auckland City Hospital. Her sons Alex, 24, and Matt, 21, their father - Susan's first husband Duncan Beck - and her elderly mother Marie gathered at her bedside.

Broadcaster Mike Hosking, who co-hosted Breakfast with Wood in 1998, wrote in the magazine: "I talked to one of the people looking after Susan. She is making good progress. There is lots to do and the road is long. But, as was pointed out to me, Susan is strong and determined, and she will be back.


"She has many people around her, good people. They are determined, she is determined - that's a good recipe for success."