There are not too many people defending Bruce Jenner these days as his appearance morphs into a more feminine one.

But last week Russell Brand took a stand on his daily YouTube show Trews - which stands for True News - as he urged media outlets to stop 'bullying' the 65-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

"This is bullying. Stop. Stop. Bruce Jenner is a human being," the ex-husband of Katy Perry said. "If you want to learn more about transgender issues, look at"

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The 39-year-old British comedian argued that criticizing transgender people seems to be the latest trend.

"Transphobia seems to be the most recent and encouraged form of prejudice, now that racism and homophobia are not tolerated," Brand said.

Jenner has been under the microscope lately for growing his hair long, highlighting it, painting his nails and wearing Spanx.

The Arthur star then sited the recent InTouch Weekly cover that Photoshopped an image of the ex-husband of Kris Jenner, putting lipstick and blush on him and dressing him in a woman's suit and scarf.

The publication also said the E! star wanted to come out as a 'transwoman' in 2015.

TMZ has also focused heavily on the former Olympian's appearance, often dissecting it.

"It's such a celebration of the worst aspects of human values," Russell said.

"What this does is it sanctions people being judgmental and cruel toward transgender folks."


The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star also took offense to TMZ's recent quiz where people were asked to comment on whether Bruce wants to be a woman or not.

Watch Russell Brand's video about Bruce Jenner's gender identity:

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The TV show asked viewers to Tweet to "let us know."

Brand then sarcastically said, "Do you think people should be judged until they're driven into a hole, perhaps even suicide? Let us know!"

Bruce, who has been spending time with his sons Brandon and Brody in Malibu, was most recently seen getting Starbucks coffee in Thousand Oaks on Monday.

His hair was pulled back and his attire was firmly masculine with a golf shirt, racing baseball hat and trousers.

The father of Kendall, 19, and Kylie, 17, did seem to have on diamond stud earrings, however.


A friend told People, "Bruce has really no interest in responding to everything that comes out in the media about him.

"He's much more private than people think."

The source added that the athlete's changing appearance won't be a "plot line" on the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which is the tenth.

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