DURING THEIR peak in the 80s various line-ups of the Chills recorded sessions for John Peel's famous radio shows on the BBC in 1985, 1987 and 1988.

Here are all 12 songs collected, and show this group/these groups at the top of their game as Martin Phillipps helms them through some classics (Rolling Moon, Brave Words, Night of Chill Blue) and songs that stand as their equal.

There's an ease and effortlessness at play in this crisp and classy pop that veers towards the psychedelic (Night of Chill Blue) but remains thoroughly focused and economic. Andrew Todd's keyboards bring added urgency to Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn, and the slippery, slightly eerie instrumental Moonlight on Flesh (which emerges out of a martial beat) is surely a lost classic from this period.

In 1988 they unveiled songs (Part Past Part Fiction, Dead Web, Effloresce and Deliquesce) that would appear on their next album Submarine Bells, which many consider the band's best.


There's also the unreleased Christmas Chimes, which is a lovely encapsulation of Phillipps' gifts for a brooding melody and a simple effective hook.

The BBC Sessions is an important addition to the Chills remarkable catalogue.

Label: Fire/Southbound

Verdict: Classic Chills in snapshots recorded in Britain

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