2014 has been a big year for you, what have been your highlights?

Splendour in the Grass was a massive one for us. It's really hard to highlight just a few moments. Everything has been incredible.

Why are you looking forward to getting out on tour in New Zealand this summer?

There's nothing quite like playing to a home crowd. It's awesome to have such a massive support network here.


What makes New Zealand a great place to tour?

It takes absolutely no time at all to get from one place to another, haha! Plus, it doesn't really matter where in New Zealand we are, it still feels like home.

What song are you excited to play to a live crowd?

It's hard to tell which songs will go down the best. Bridges is always an awesome vibe. We've also got some "only for live" type moments that make it really special.

How will this summer compare to the summer of 2013 for you?

Last summer we played our very first-ever shows as Broods, so this summer we feel a lot more prepared to not hyperventilate before any shows haha! Rhythm and Vines is going to be such a special gig for us because we played it last year as our first public show. It's going to be our little bookend to a crazy year.

What was your first summer festival/concert as a punter?

We have only ever been to festivals as performers! It's crazy but we've never been punters.


What makes a great live summer show?

The crowds are always so good in a summer setting. Vitamin D maybe?

What do you want fans to bring to the shows?

Millions of party poppers and glowsticks.

* Broods headline Coca Cola Christmas in the Park in the Auckland Domain on Saturday and Rhythm & Vines on December 31. They tour in February.
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