Superstar sportsman Sonny Bill Williams and his wife Alana will be new parents very soon, but what can they expect when baby arrives? Here's what they need to know...

Celebrity freebies

Designers and PR flacks love nothing more than gifting garb to celebrities. Of course, it's never a gift exactly. Nothing is free, darhlings. There is the obligatory Instagram pic demonstrating gratitude to your tens of thousands of followers. Think Kim Kardashian-West with her gushy messages of thanks to the designers who Fed-Ex mini-me clothes for North's bulging wardrobe. Better still, are paparazzi shots showing the celebrity sprog in the free gear. It's the best endorsement money will buy.

OMG!!!! Look what @olivier_rousteing sent North! Thank you @BalmainParis for these little custom jackets to match mommy!!!

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SBW is an ambassador for Just Jeans, but the company is yet to produce baby wear, so double denim ensembles will have to wait. Adidas has signed a global ambassador role with the footy star, so SBW can expect some treats. The sporting company mailed a pair of rugby boots to All Black Dan Carter four months ago with his son Marco's name embroidered on them. How's that for personalisation? The recipient was thrilled - and suitably took to social media to plug. (See above: celebrity sprogs are a meal ticket for designer brands).

It's the little things. Thanks @adidas

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Memorable name

So, John or Jane just won't cut it in the baby name stakes. Think Apple, Seven, Zowie, Apollo, Esmerelda, Suri, Blue Ivy, or my fave, Fifi Trixiebelle. Of course, it helps if the name has some special meaning. Could new baby Williams be called Chief? As in, SBW's Waikato team. Singer Anika Moa named her adorable twins Taane Diamond and Barry Kowhai.


All parents do it - even celebrites who say they shun publicity about their private life. Parental pride wins over privacy. Ali Williams frequently posts pics of "daddy's little girl".


This is what happens when you party with Daddy @misscaseygreen

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Public interest and trailing paps

Celebrity babes are the plus-one in the relationship and that's big money for the industry. Women's mags go positively ga-ga over snaps of celebrity parents and their new bubs. Getting the first sit-down interview is a scramble. That comes down to who wields the biggest cheque. Paparazzi pics are more appealing for readers because they're natural and not stage-managed by a celebrity press team. Expect a lifetime of public interest in your offspring. Case in point:

Playing dress-up

North West dressed as a skunk for Halloween... and we loooved it. Angela Bloomfield and her daughter went as blood splatter and a mummy, respectively. Fans love celebrity kiddie costumes.


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Ole Hallows Eve

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Taciturn teens and their anti-social iPhone

Ok, granted it will be a while before baby Williams gets their first mobile phone and sulks in his/her bedroom suffering from teenage angst. One minute they're your baby, then they're a teenager sitting next to you on the couch only communicating via Twitter. Or vice versa.