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Rumours of a romance between a New Zealand TV princess and Australian rugby union star have been doing the rounds for weeks, but the ingenue of Kiwi soap Shortland Street suggests the flame is no longer ignited. Actress Frankie Adams and Wallaby back Israel Folau, 25, have been romantically linked, but the hotshot rugby star may not be in her corner when she takes on Millie Elder-Holmes at the KFC Fight For Life on December 6. Asked if she is still dating Folau, Adams clammed shut. "I don't want to talk about him. I'd prefer not to discuss that sort of stuff because I've learnt the hard way from my previous relationship [with cricketer Tipene Friday] that talking about your private life is not really a good idea." The TV star, who will take to the ring in front of 5000 fans at the biggest boxing night of the year, admits dating can be difficult when you're in the public eye. "I am currently single, I will tell you that. But I think boys are too intimidated to ask me out. I haven't been asked out on a date in so long. Guys wouldn't even try. Kiwi guys lack the confidence, I think. Or then there are those who just ask you to marry them. I get lots of marriage proposals!" Little wonder. Adams, who counts heavyweight champion Joseph Parker as a close friend, is a household name and favourite of the glossy mags. She is an ambassador for Bonds underwear, and billboards of her scantily clad are plastered around town drawing many an ogling eye. "I want a guy who's driven and makes goals and sets out to achieve them. I'm not into losers. I don't want to waste my time." The girl has a good head on her shoulders. Aged only 20, Adams is an over-achiever, with her sights set on moving to Hollywood and getting into movies. These days she juggles a hectic shooting schedule on Shortland Street and spends any spare moment training at her gym in Kingsland in preparation for the fight. "It's quite tough at the moment, in terms of time management. I'm on set from 6am-8pm, then I go to training at night. I try to get lots of sleep when I can, and it's important to keep up my social life. My friends keep me sane. But I'm really on the grind." She says castmates Ben Mitchell and Pua Magasiva, the beefcakes of Shorty St, have affectionately stepped in to give their two cents, but she pays little heed. "They are big fans of boxing, and they're jealous that I got the chance to enter the ring. They give me lots of advice about boxing and what to do, but I ignore it. I listen to my coach Lolo [Heimuli]. He trains [UFC champion] Mark Hunt, so I'm in good hands."

The Who Factor

MediaWorks created quite the fanfare on Wednesday to announce the launch of their new content for 2015, including The X Factor, and introduced Natalia Kills (real name Natalia Cappuccini) and Willy Moon, 25, on stage as the two final judges. But judging by the blank looks of many in the audience, and the fact bios of the pair had to run across the giant screen as a news ticker, perhaps it should be dubbed The Who Factor. For a primetime show appealing to middle New Zealanders and their remotes, the hubby and wife singer-songwriters are an alternative choice. The newlyweds did little to promote themselves endearingly, with Kills, 28, effectively admitting a pay cheque and a free trip to hubby's homeland to work together was lure enough to commit to the show. But what she lacks in self-awareness, he more than makes up for in a lack of charisma. Here's hoping uber producer Andrew Szusterman can garner some allure between now and screen time. Luckily, a bronzed and brash Mel Blatt - she had jetted in from Ibiza, we learned - was a pro and pulled out the ra-ra energy and enthusiasm, but fellow judge and all-round Mr Nice Guy, Stan Walker, was, inexplicably, a no-show.

Crime scene gathering for Connor's birthday

It's three months since Connor Morris was slain but his grieving girlfriend Millie Elder-Holmes told The Diary he is always in her thoughts, and she will pay homage to him tomorrow in honour of his birthday at the scene of the crime. Close-knit friends and family, including members of the Head Hunters gang with whom Morris was associated, will gather tomorrow night at Don Buck Rd in Massey at the place he was killed. They are encouraging the public to join them. Morris suffered a fatal head injury during a confrontation outside a house party on August 3. Michael Murray, 33, has been charged with his murder. "We are gathering on Don Buck Rd tomorrow at 8pm to light candles and lanterns for Connor. "Everyone is welcome," Elder-Holmes, 26, said. "I know it will be really intense and sad, because I still miss him so much, and this is the first time we will be celebrating his birthday without him. But it will be a chance to remember him. "It's such a stark contrast for me and his family to deal with. This time last year, we were celebrating his birthday in Milan, and we went to see my birth father in Greece. It was a wonderful holiday and I only have those beautiful memories now." Connor Morris would have been 27 tomorrow.