Neena Truscott and Belinda MacDonald were champions of healthy eating during their winning stint on My Kitchen Rules New Zealand - but today they admit their hangovers might see them visit KFC.

The "modern day hippies" won last night's first season of MKR NZ by just one point, beating Palmerston North couple Aaron and Heather Freeman 52 to 51.

They say they found out the same time as everyone else who had won, as producers made them film different endings.

"They filmed two different endings (so) we had to win and lose," MacDonald told "We found out when the nation found out."


"We've had balls of anxieties in our stomachs for five weeks now," admitted Truscott.

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The pair celebrated with champagne at a private screening for around 30 family and friends, and admitted their hangovers meant some fast food might be on the cards.

"KFC? Today, maybe," laughed Truscott.

That's in opposition to the style of cooking that saw the pair take out the TV One cooking competition, where they used nutritious ingredients and clean cooking methods wherever possible.

Their win shows there's a "food revolution" taking place, Truscott says.

"For us to actually win MKR and stay true to those beliefs, that's like, wow, there's a new food revolution going on and that's really exciting for us," she said.

But Truscott admits not everyone admires their style of cooking.

"Social media hasn't been quite so kind. We've got a bit of a bad rap but there's always going to be haters out there, and we learned right from the start to grow a thick skin and not care too much about what other people think.

"Out and about people are amazing. We get approached every day by people with complete support. In real life people seem to really get us."

Truscott said her attitudes towards food dated back to four years ago when her children suffered from food allergies, while MacDonald grew up in a self sufficient family.

"We had our own cow, we made our own butter. Having five children meant mum couldn't afford to use the supermarket so she had to bottle and preserve fruit off the trees," she said

The pair agreed last night's five-course menu was the show's biggest challenge, one that left them emotionally and physically drained.

"We had 24 hours to come up with a five-course degustation menu with no recipes. Trying to remember every element was challenging. It was intense emotionally and physically."

Truscott: "We were emotionally tapped out by the end of it. Thank god it ended, I don't know how much longer we could go on for."

The pair plan to treat their families with their $100,000 prize money.

And their advice for anyone planning to enter a similar cooking show in the future?

"Go for it, but make sure you have one hell of a support network because you are going to need them."

The Menus:
Team 1: Aaron and Heather
Course 1: Oysters three ways
Course 2: Seafood risotto
Course 3: Boil-up
Course 4: Sous-vide quarter chicken
Course 5: Te Pai Remene [lemon pie]

Team 2: Neena and Belinda
Course 1: Marinated scallops
Course 2: Haloumi stuffed zucchini flowers with peperonata
Course 3: Manuka smoked salmon
Course 4: Spiced pomegranate lamb
Course 5: Passion on a Plate
Final score:

Aaron and Heather: 51/60
Neena and Belinda: 52/60