A Hollywood actor and director visiting Auckland for this weekend's Armageddon expo got more drama than he bargained for when he smashed his right hand and injured his foot running in fear from a clown with a chainsaw.

AJ Buckley, star of the Supernatural TV series, arrived in Auckland on Monday, calling it "beautiful". But his holiday took a sinister turn on Friday night when he went to a "scare event" at Spookers Haunted Attraction in Karaka.

Posting a selfie complete with bandaged hand, Buckley tweeted: "What happens when you run away from a clown with a chainsaw @Armageddonexpo fractured hand, torn ligaments in foot."

Spookers managing director Julia Watson said Armageddon organisers made a booking for Friday night for a group of actors and a manager from Supernatural.


Watson said her staff took special care of the group and they had a good time. He didn't complain of any injuries, although a guard noticed Buckley limping and offered ice. He said three times it was an "old and recurring" injury.

"Heath and Safety is very important to us. We have five or six hundred through every night and we do not have serious injuries."

After the group left Spookers, Buckley sought medical help.

The group had a fabulous time at Spookers and Buckley had not complained, said Bill Geradts, founder of Armageddon Expo New Zealand. "How many people can say they hurt themselves being chased by a clown with a chainsaw?

"AJ is perfectly happy and is here at Armageddon seeing fans and signing autographs," he said.

Buckley worked from 2005 to last year on CSI NY and also boasts acting and voice credits across blockbusters Happy Feet, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine and X-Men. He also wrote and directed TV series Ghostfacers, which screened in the US in 2010.

Armageddon is promoted as the "Comic Con for Australia and New Zealand, featuring sci-fi, gaming, anime, collectibles, TV and movie stars and comics in a massive family entertainment event." Others attending included "MacGyver" Richard Dean Anderson and Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito.

Yesterday's attendance was estimated at 30,000 and 70,000 were expected over the weekend. Last year 53,000 went to the event