We trawl through the gossip mags, so you don't have to.

Key Points:

Too much Clooney wedding goss to mention

The one thing that world can't - or won't - stop talking about is the wedding event of the year between George Clooney and Almal Alamuddin. Ugh. Woman's Day grabbed the exclusive wedding photos while New Idea showed a handful of paparazzi pics from the reception. Some of our favourite shots include: a woobly Bono being escorted to a taxi (maybe he was drowning his sorrows after the U2/iTunes free album fail); Cindy Crawford caught making out with Calvin Klein; actress Emily Blunt photobombing a perfectly nice photo of Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso; One riduclously large Art-Deco themed wedding that looked like it could have squashed a small child; and George Clooney posing playfully with Bill Murray. Oh yeah, and the bride and groom looked lovely too ...

My Kitchen Rules love birds

MKR contestants Dan and Christie. Speaking of weddings, My Kitchen Rules NZ contestants Dan and Christie have shared their big day with New Idea. The pair were eliminated from the show but that hasn't dampened the spirits of the newlywed couple. "As I was walking down the aisle, I could see Dan gripping the rotunda so hard, I thought he was going to snap part of it off," Christie told New Idea about her high school sweetheart who she married in Queenstown. "He looked like he was going to faint, and he said afterwards that he actually couldn't stand he was so excited." "I did get get pretty nervous," Dan admitted. Aw, so cute.

Demi broken by Ashton and Mila's baby news

Demi Moore. Photo / Getty Images According to New Idea the arrival of of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' baby girl has been somewhat of a "doomsday" for Ashton's ex, Demi Moore. "All along she's known that she and Ashton were completely over, but this baby has hit a very tender nerve. She's beside herself, " says a source close to the actress. "She felt inadequate and when he moved on to a much younger woman it was like pouring salt in the wound." Perhaps Demi should be more cut up about the horrible 2012 movie LOL which she starred in with Miley Cyrus. Now that would be hard to get over.

Paris hates Kimye

The Kimye family. Photo / Getty Images According to Woman's Day the people of Paris are over Kanye West and his socialite wife Kim Kardashian. You can't really blame the high fashion society for thinking that the couple are well, a tad trashy. An insider revealed that, "People are so mad about Kimye being here (Paris Fashion Week)" adding that Parisians are "fatigued with the whole family". It seems little North West is feeling a bit "fatigued" too. The little girl didn't appear too happy about being dragged around fashion shows dressed in matching get up to mama Kardashian's sheer black lace outfit. I'm not sure if the runway of a fashion show is exactly the most enthralling place for a toddler.

Baby baby or food baby?

Jessica Biel. Photo / Getty Images Actress Jessica Biel appears to be up the duff (either that or she just had a really filling lunch). Rumours were sparked after the Total Recall star, who is famously married to singer Justin Timberlake, was spotted bikini clad on a beach in Hawaii with a bit of a bump. An insider revealed that "Jessica has been ready to be a mum for so long now" and that the couple had been "actively trying to get pregnant". "Right now the buzz is she's in the early stages." Hopefully the possibly preggo actress doesn't get too lonely while her hitmaker husband travels to New Zealand to perform at Auckland's Vector Arena this Sunday. - nzherald.co.nz