Yesterday, a massive power cut hit Auckland's leafy eastern suburbs. Many palatial homes and popular cafes are still without power, and police are crediting BMW drivers with taking care on the roads despite no traffic lights.

The good people of Remuera, Epsom, Orakei and St Heliers have stayed strong and resilient through the blackout. They are coping bravely in this crisis, and adapting. Bottles of Pinot Gris have been served at room temperature. Hair straighteners waived for the frizz.

Aucklanders hunker down during the Auckland power outage. Photo / NZH

Espresso coffee machines surrendered for a quick trip to Coffee Guy for takeaway latte.

Ecoya candles burned brightly last night in homes across the Northern Slopes, but how long can our Auckland neighbours be prepared to put up with such sacrifices?


The power outage has brought the Auckland City community together.

The people of the eastern suburbs are strong, and have dealt with the situation as best they could.

Residents kept up positive attitudes, and thought about future planning and safeguarding.

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Others were frustrated. Even the rich and famous couldn't escape the terror.

Some Aucklanders were quick to come up with theories as to who could step up to save the day.

Parnell dweller John Key was not affected.

But he offered Churchillian advice in his capacity as Prime Minister.

Of course, everyone had their own ideas on helping others.


And solutions.

But human suffering was omnipresent.

Others were enjoying the blackout.

This person saw the return of power as a wifi welcome mat.

But just to show that Remuera is home to real people like you and me who appreciate nana nights, there was this All Black.

Of course, humour kept spirits up.