Who will be the judges on the new season of X factor?

Judges Ruby Frost and Melanie Blatt are unlikely to make the cut for the next season of TV3's X Factor.

TV3 bosses are working through a list of potential new judges but popular Stan Walker looks poised to return.

Boy George is said to have been approached for Season 1 but as a source told Spy: "He can make the same money playing one DJ set in Ibiza compared to several months on the show in NZ."

Knowing the TV3 X Factor is on more of a tight budget than Australia, we think Daniel Bedingfield may reprise his role. Sources would like to see Lorde and/or her writing partner Joel Little, (not gonna happen as they are in the middle of world domination).


Anika Moa leads the female pack. She's hilarious, very cheeky, scrubs up well and doesn't suffer fools. She's followed closely by the Runga sisters of either Boh or Bic and songstress Ellie Goulding.

Bands are a major focus this year, so Shihad's Jon Toogood was bandied around a lot, as was the long shot of Neil Finn agreeing to do it. Perhaps his son Liam may step forward.

Don't count out The Feelers' James Reid. As far as the token international star, think of a faded star that would enjoy a sojourn in New Zealand and not be in it for the dosh.

A TV3 spokesman told Spy: "We are still finding the mix from a pool of talent."

Bowden is Back

X Factor host Dominic Bowden.

One person certain to return is X Factor host Dominic Bowden.

Bowden was brimming with excitement when he spoke to Spy as auditions for the show opened. "We have worked the show this year around school holidays so we can get kids both from school and university to come and have this crazy, fun, unique experience with us over the holidays. We want talent that feels fresh and different, with international appeal."

The new category of bands has Bowden energizer-bunny happy. "With the inclusion of bands, it's going to be a much bigger show. We really tried to listen and learn from the first season. We saw a lot of younger kids, great singers who were in bands and they had to split away from their band to be on the show. We want the energy that a band can provide in the X Factor NZ." Bands can be up to five members or fewer and must include at least two singers.

Asked about the judging panel, Bowden said: "Without giving too much away, some things worked last year on the judging panel and I'd like to see the stuff that worked back on the stage this year. Time will tell."