The lights have been switched on at Lightbox for a week now, so we thought it was a good time to catch up with the TV on-demand service's head of programming and content, Maria Mahony. The Lightbox line-up has a great selection of overseas content, but what about local shows? Is there any chance of seeing The Almighty Johnsons, Nothing Trivial or Outrageous Fortune added to the service?

Maria Mahony:

I'm very pleased with the range of shows secured for launch and the feedback has been fantastic. I can confirm that we are in the process of signing several agreements with local content providers. We'll have more details on that soon.

Syncing content to your TV set is relatively simple, but it does require investment in an iPad and Apple TV unit. Will there be apps available for smart TVs, or Playstation and Xbox? How about iPhone?


Airplay is not just limited to the iPad - It is also possible from your Mac laptop. And don't forget the HDMI cable to the TV. At launch we've focused our efforts on the most-used devices for this type of service and we are looking to expand the number of devices before the end of the year.

Is there potential, if Lightbox gets enough subscriptions, to start commissioning your own original content like Netflix is doing? Or is that a long way away?

Right now, we're fully focused on launching the service and positioning it as the service of choice for online TV in New Zealand. Commissioning local content is a possibility sometime in the future but I'm not in a position to confirm anything at this time.

Have there been any major bugs or technical glitches in the first few days of Lightbox going online? Are you happy with the number of people taking up the 'first month for free' offer?

The initial uptake of the free 30-day trial has been very pleasing. As with any significant launch, there will be glitches, but nothing major has cropped up. The vast majority of customers have been able to enjoy the range of TV shows that we have on offer.

Will you be looking into movie streaming services at any point?

Our research shows the majority of SVOD content is TV shows so that's where we've focused our efforts for launch.

Is there the option to pre-stream stuff so it can be viewed without an internet connection, on flights, etc?

Currently, Lightbox is a full-time video streaming service that people can enjoy wherever they have broadband, but we will continue to scope further opportunities.