Joel Kefali has made videos for Lorde, The Naked and Famous and David Dallas - but he's just released his biggest one yet.

The Kiwi director is the man behind Katy Perry's video for her neon splash of a single, This Is How We Do.

Featuring twerking ice creams, a Mariah Carey cameo and lots of 80s references, This Is How We Do is the latest single from Perry's third album Prism.

"Her backup dancers are dressed like Pee-wee Herman, Katy wears everything from Yves Saint Laurent's iconic Mondrian dress to a pepperoni pizza swimsuit to green hair extensions, " raved Billboard.


"She even cruises around in a convertible with her hair teased out to Fran Drescher proportions."

Perry has been hyping the video's release up on Twitter and Instagram for days, and Kefali tweeted his thanks to the pop star:

this is how we do, this I did, do enjoy ???????????? ?? @katyperry thank you


Perry's videos typically get tens of millions of views, but Kefali is no stranger to having his work under scrutiny.

He directed Lorde's video for Royals, which currently has 314 million views.

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